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For the past several decades, there has been a slowly progressing movement among women to become stronger, more independent more confident not just individually but a whole.

This is absolutely incredible news!

In fact, it was World’s Women Day back in March that got me to thinking.

While women have been making so much progress in such a little amount of time, it seems as if men are falling behind.

Men continue to be conditioned, from a very early age, in the same manner they have for hundreds of generations.

It is the responsibility of the man to be:






And while these qualities are necessary, essential at times, men are expected to display these “masculine” traits at all times.

When emotions are involved we need to quit “acting like a little bitch.”

Unfortunately, because of the beliefs that are instilled in men, we often sacrifice our goals, our ambitions and our happiness to live a life of mediocracy based on the expectations of previous generations not only from our families but by those we surround ourselves with.

But it’s time for a change.  Time for an evolution, a revolution.

The goal of the Men’s Empowerment Network (M.E.N) is to ignite a fire within every man to generate the confidence necessary to achieve the happiness and success he deserves.

M.E.N believes all aspects of life must work congruently to create happiness.  A guy can not create ultimate happiness if his finances are not heading in a positive direction, if his mental or physical health is not at peak performance, if his confidence or spirituality are wavering, if his relationships are toxic.

The Men’s Empowerment Network continues to build an understanding of how the mind, nutrition and spirituality play an integral role in overall success & happiness in men.

We then coach and empower. 

Currently, we are hosting the Men’s Money Accelerator Bootcamp to help you take control of and reach your money goals.

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