Shifting a Negative Identity

Every day you have a 1000 thoughts rolling in and out of your head.

Some are positive.

Some negative.

It’s normal.

But what happens when the negative begin to outweigh the positive?

That feeling of heaviness seems to follow you around day in and day out.  It’s not a physical heaviness per say, but one that attaches to your heart.

And you try to shake it, but you can’t.

Every day you’re met with thoughts and feelings of not being good enough.  That the choices you’ve made in life are all wrong and you’re just stuck.

Shifting a Negative Identity field

Been there.

About two years ago, this heaviness attached itself to my soul and would not let go.

I walked around with a smile on my face but on the inside I was being eaten up.

There in my late 30’s, what had I actually done with my life?  Nothing.

I felt useless, fat, ugly, unloved, unaccomplished.

It got to the point where I couldn’t even look in the mirror when getting ready in the morning.

It wasn’t depression.  At least I don’t think it was.

An early mid-life crisis, maybe… I dunno.

It was just believing that my life had absolutely no meaning.

40 was just around the corner and I couldn’t spend another year not feeling like I mattered.

I had to create a Complete Identity Shift.

It wasn’t going to be enough to change one little thing here or there.  I was going to have to perform a complete overhaul.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I made that decision and while I am still on the journey and hope to be for many years to come, I can honestly say I am happier than I have been in a LONG time.

In that short time, not only have I changed my physical appearance but my financial and emotional as well.

My life feels like it has purpose again.

I wake up EVERY morning with energy and excitement.

I not only look in the mirror and appreciate the man looking back, but am proud of him.

It took a lot of trial and error and even more guidance but totally worth the time, energy & money.

And from it, I’ve been able to create the EAA Formula and have been helping others achieve similar results in their own lives.

Damn!  Life is Good.

Joshua D. Abel

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