Meal Prep Into Empowerment

Meal prep into Empowerment. We’re a week into January and no doubt your resolutions are well under way. Many guys use the beginning of the year to make positive changes in their health as well as in their wallet. Never a bad idea to trim down one while fattening the other.

About two years ago, I had come to a point where I was more than 70 pounds overweight… obese actually. Damn, I felt like a huge piece of crap.

I couldn’t even look in the mirror without being completely revolted and forget sex. There’s no way I would have let anyone near me looking like that. You ever get to the point where stomach sticks over your waistline and you can’t see your junk unless you suck in the gut or bend over? Yep, totally been there. It’s embarrassing.

Man, I had to do something about it.

So, back in 2019, I decided to change the way I ate. It started out as a vanity thing. I wanted to look better, feel better and let’s face it – get laid without feeling like a fat bastard.

I made the choice to Meal Prep into Empowerment.

meal prep to empowerment breakfast scramble

And once I made the decision, dude, the gloves were off. I started off with a 30-day challenge to myself. Low-Carb, no cheats.

But I know myself and knew that if I didn’t have a solid plan in place, I’d screw it up and then get pissed off at myself or worse give myself a pass for a cheat that would lead to ordering an extra large supreme pizza with hot wings and a pint of ice cream.

Yeah man, had to have a plan.

So, I jumped online and started researching recipes. And there are a shit ton of low-carb recipes that look amazing.

Now, at the time, I didn’t have much time or too much extra cash flow. And I always heard that eating healthy costs more and meal-prepping takes way too much time.

Interesting concepts considering all the times I’d stop at a gas station or drive through on my way to work for breakfast and then drive around trying to find something for lunch or dinner that sounded appetizing. There were times where I would literally spend nearly all of my lunch hour trying to figure out what to eat only to end up at some fast food joint or grabbing a bunch of junk at a gas station. Then dinner would be a repeat until I’d just grab some Mexican or pizza.

As for the money… damn it added up. QUICK.

Turns out a couple of hours in the kitchen and a weeks worth of groceries didn’t come near to the time and money I was spending eating like a slob.

30 days came and went and I was really starting to feel good about myself. Losing weight was definitely the primary goal and that was moving in the right direction. I lost about twenty pounds that first month, but so much more was happening than I could have expected.

meal prep to empowerment tomato salad

My mind started becoming more clear, I began having more energy than I knew what to do with – seriously, I was starting to feel like I was in my 20’s again. It was crazy! It was literally meal prep into empowerment. And I was creating a serious amount of confidence.

All of this was happening and in addition, I was actually able to start utilizing the funds I saved from eating out all of the time to begin making strategic investments to capitalize on the savings.

Health Empowerment

Weight loss – lower blood pressure – lower cholesterol – more energy – less pressure on my joints – sleeping better… just to name the few

Financial Empowerment

Saving money – investing more – adding more to retirement – paying down debt – investing in a new place – investing in a new car

Self Empowerment

Confidence – self respect – courage – clear thought – increased creativity – and so much more.

Oh, and all of that awesomeness lead me to getting laid… a lot.

I continued on that journey for eighteen months and everything just kept getting better and better to the point where I was down more than 50 pounds.

Now, I’ve got to be honest, about six months ago I took a new position in the company I work for which moved me from the shop doing manual labor into a purchasing position behind the desk. Definitely, a move up in the company but for the past several months learning the ropes of the new role has been my primary objective, which mean my diet and workout routine went down the crapper and I’ve gained about 20 pounds back.

There is no way I want to go back to that sad sack of crap I was when I initially started this journey, so now with another new year, I’ve made the decision to once again meal prep into empowerment.

This time I’m doing something called Whole30. I only recently heard about this nutritional plan from one of the VPs in my company. On the surface is seems really, crazy, intensely restrictive.

meal prep to empowerment fruit salad

The Rules:

  • No added sugars
  • No alcohol
  • No legumes
  • No dairy
  • No carrageenan or sulfites
  • No weighing yourself

I know. Sounds insane. But it’s only for 30 days and then you can start reintroducing some of the bans back into your life. I chose this meal plan cause I wanted to do something drastic to snap myself out of completely falling back into old habits. I’ll keep you updated on the progress, but it’s been about 4 days since I started.

Next mission… getting active, again.

Cheers to Your Empowerment!

Joshua David Abel
Men’s Empowerment Network

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