It’ll be the Right Time When

So many guys are waiting for the right time. The right time to have that perfect life, the right time to have the career you always wanted, the happy marriage.

Guess What?

The right time will never come.

Sorry if that bursts some kind of bubble, but it’s true and a hard lesson I had to learn over and over again.

There is always an excuse that will get in the way. Money. Family. Work.

Before you know it, years have gone by and you’re no happier, no more successful, no closer to reaching any of your goals.

And that’s where regret comes in. Those moments where you look back and you think to yourself, “what if.”

What if I took that chance? Hadn’t sat around and waited for the right time. What if I hadn’t made excuses?

When I was younger, it was my dream to be an actor. Not just any actor, an Oscar-Winning, red-carpet walking bonafied mega superstar.

Growing up, I would reenact scenes from movies and plays in my basement bedroom. I spent hours rehearsing my acceptance speeches. In my mind, there was only one possible outcome. I was going to be an Academy Award winning actor.

After moving out of my parent’s house, at age 20, I ventured from a small town in Missouri to Los Angeles to pursue my life’s ambition.

But then, when I got out there, I allowed excuses to get in my way. I’ll go on auditions when it’s the right time comes around and I get an agent. I’ll get an agent when it’s the right time and I get the right photographer for headshots. When it’s the right time, I’ll have enough money to focus on acting.

Before I knew it, five years had gone by and I had nothing more to show for it other than a few background roles and ensemble roles in small black box theatre plays.

So, I quit.

I justified walking away by making excuses like the the amount of stiff competition or no one willing to give me a shot.

The real reason I failed in fulfilling what I believed was my destiny was plain and simple. Fear.

I was afraid of failure, afraid of success, afraid to even try.

So, I sat and waited for the right time.

And the right time never came.

There’s no sense in hashing up the past unless you plan on doing something about it.

Every day we have the opportunity to overcome the excuses we have been making for years and actually start doing things that make us happy.

What if you took one hour a day to focus on something that makes you happy. What would that do for your life?

Ask yourself, what would happen if you stopped waiting for the right time and stopped making excuses.

What would you do?

It took me getting to the point where I was sick and tired of feeling like my life was heading nowhere, like my life didn’t have purpose or reason that I started making a change.

If I wanted my life to change, I was going to have to change the things in my life.

Here’s What I Did:

Define What You Want.

One of the main reasons I was at a point in my life where I felt like I was lost or just kind of drifting with no direction was because I didn’t have a firm grasp on what I wanted.

It should be an easy question. What do you want? But a majority of the guys I’ve worked with stumble when I ask them the question. They give some lame definition of what they want. And I say lame because it’s always a vague surface level answer.

Things like: I just want to be happy or I just want to like myself.

There’s no passion or conviction behind it. And they know when they say words like that, they’re only saying them because they feel like that’s what I want to hear or that what they ought to say.

It’s not just about saying or thinking about what you want. Feel it from the pits of your soul. It’s about believing you will never feel complete without it.

And it could be anything. We’re all different. Money. Power. Love. To be the most giving husband. To create a business that positively impacts the world. But whatever it is has got to light your soul on fire.

Take Action:

Let’s get back to that idea of spending one hour a day doing the one thing that lights your soul on fire.

What’s the first excuse that comes to mind? Maybe you don’t have time? Maybe you don’t have the money. But what if you did things to pursue your goal in spite. In spite of all of those excuses.

When I took a look at my life, there were many things I wanted to change. I was broke, overweight to the point of obesity, had no friends and a basic scumbag.

If I wanted any chance of carving a life that I proud of, I was going to have to take some time and focus on myself, focus on what made me happy.

What was even more incredible than the transformation I was making in myself, was the change I saw in the love that I began showing myself, others and the love they began showing me.

Know it Never Ends:

There is no end date. This pursuit of chasing our dreams never ends. It is a continuous journey to becoming the man you want to be.

But that’s what it means to be a man, the constant pursuit of being better than we were the day before.

So, now is the right time.

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Joshua D. Abel
Men’s Empowerment Network

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