Fear of Rejection, Crush it!

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Guys- Over the past several weeks, we have been talking a lot about eliminating fear from your life to create a more confident and successful existence.

?? So many men do not want to believe they have fears in their life.  No wonder, many of us were brought up to believe fear is a sign of weakness.

But chances are if you do not feel fulfilled in some area of your life and are not taking steps to move in the direction of creating a happier, exciting world…

????, ??? ?? ??????, ??? ???????? ???? ?? ??????? ???.

??‍♂️ You can try to avoid it.

?? You can try to deny it.

But until you learn to eliminate the fear from your life, you will NEVER achieve the level of greatness you were meant to experience.

I’ve been there.

?? ?????. ?

Knowing there was more out there for you but just not knowing what to do or how to get there.

In a constant battle of wondering, “?? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??? ??.” 

Fear of Rejection field

It’s a pain-staking, mind-numbing feeling.

It all boils down to fear.

And the fundamental fear that all others grow from is the Fear of Rejection.

? Think about it.

Your need to be accepted is so strong that you are willing to change everything about yourself just to fit into a social circle of convenience.

I know.  Sounds like some caddy, high school bullshit.

But it’s true.

It is actually a basic necessity to have human connections.

The need is so strong that you will avoid:

❎ Going to the gym to get into better shape.

❎ Eating healthier food to look & feel better.

❎ Getting out of that Toxic relationship.

❎ Starting that business you’ve been dreaming about for years.

❎ Branching out & trying anything new.

You feel that if you begin to better yourself, your family, friends, colleagues will reject you.

And here’s the kicker, They May.

Recently, I celebrated 2 years of sobriety.  Soon after I made the decision to quit drinking and improve my life, all the people that I used to drink with vanished. ?

Slowly, they started removing themselves from my life.

This happens all the time when you begin a journey of self improvement in some area of your life.

And if you do not eliminate the Fear of Rejection, you will find yourself either never taking steps to creating the life you desire or reverting back to a worse off position than you are in right now.

We all need people, that’s true. ?

But when you Eliminate the Fear of Rejection, you find yourself beginning to desire the company of positive people who will lift you up and encourage you to create the best life for yourself possible.

And ????? aspect of your life will improve as a result.

It’s not a matter of not caring what people think.  It’s a matter of caring what the RIGHT people think.

Fear of rejection friends

But once you are able to Eliminate the Fear of Rejection, an endless world of possibilities opens up and you can literally achieve any level of success you desire. ??‍♂️

Once I overcame this foundational fear, I was able to:

✅ Dramatically improve my relationships.

✅ Triple my income.

✅ Create more physical & mental confidence than I thought possible.

✅ Move towards building an immeasurable amount of happiness.

Life is amazing now.  I wake up EVERY morning excited and full of energy over what the day will bring.

?? And you ??????? this feeling too. 

Guys, if you are in a position where you just feel stuck in life.  You have the opportunity to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

But it begins with Eliminating the Fear of Rejection.

Joshua D. Abel

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