Eliminate the Fear of Money

Ever wonder it seems like you just can’t get ahead?You

Guys, you are not alone because the Fear of Money is one of the Deadliest Fears men have and it is crippling your ability to create the life you want.

I was right there with you.

For the longest time, the Fear of Money held me back from starting and expanding businesses, took an emotional and physical toll on my health and even caused strain on my relationships.

Here’s the thing…

When I was young, I knew I wanted to be rich. ?

Fear of Money card

Well, not just rich.

I wanted to be so fucking rich that I could literally have and do anything I wanted.

I equated having an endless supply of money to success.

?? But there was a problem.

I was brought up with the belief that people who had a lot of money were bad or had to do bad things in order to get it.

I didn’t want to be bad, so I naturally formed the connection that if I had any sort of money I had to get rid of it as soon as possible.

My dad would often say, “That money’s going to burn a hole in your pocket.”

And he was right.  Damnit, I hate when he’s right. ?

As soon as I got a paycheck, it was gone.

Then when I learned about credit cards – and shit, watch out.

I spent the majority of my life under the thumb of this Fear of Money.

Guys, I know you can relate.

Chances are you fall under one of two categories when it comes to money:

  1. The Hoarder: This guy will save every single dime he makes and gets sick at the thought of buying or investing in something that might possibly bring him joy.
  1. The Squander: This guy will spend everything he has as soon as or before he even gets it.  He knows payday is coming on Friday and the list of shit he is going to buy grows all the time.

In either case, the Fear of Money is running the show.

The Hoarder has been led to believe that there is only a limited supply of money and so he must keep as much of it as you possibly can so he doesn’t run out.

The Squander also believes money is in limited supply but reacts in a different way by blowing his wad before he knows what has happened.

I was definitely a Squanderer.

As a result, I never had the funds to pay for the things that were important to me.

Fear of Money escape

I couldn’t go on vacations.

I couldn’t afford to buy equipment or training needed to start or expand a business.

I built up massive amounts of debt.

And it was all because of that damn Fear of Money.

There a few myths surrounding money that you need to be aware of:

Money is NOT the cause the majority of relationships end in divorce.

It is the Fear of Money that has created the financial strain on your relationship.

Money changes People.

The ONLY thing Money does is amplify the characteristics you already have.  If you are a fundamentally good person then Money allows you to amplify your ability to help others.  If you’re a piece of shit, then it will accentuate that too.

Money can’t buy you Happiness.

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life.  Happiness is a state of mind, no shit, money can’t buy that EXACTLY.  What money can do is provide you with the vehicle you need to Create more Happiness in your life in whatever way you see fit.

Now, I’m an educated guy, but it wasn’t until I identified and eliminated my Fear of Money that everything began to change.

Once I was eliminated this debilitating fear I noticed:

I began happily paying down debt.

My self-esteem dramatically improved.

My stress & anxiety level dropped.

My business started growing.

My relationships got better.

I was in an overall happier state.

It was freaking remarkable!

It took some work, not going to lie, but the freedom & empowerment from overcoming this insane fear is damn well worth it.

Guys, you owe it to yourself and to those in your life to become the man you were meant to be.




You’re worth it.

Joshua D. Abel

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