49% of Men Report being Unhappy with some area of their Life.

Fear of Rejection field

This is simply unacceptable.  We are meant to create a rewarding life of happiness and success.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Year after year reports indicate the percentage of men who report being unhappy on a consistent or near consistent basis grows.

The most disappointing fact is many men have accepted this as the “norm” and have reached a point in their lives where they just feel “stuck”.

Finances, Relationships, Health, Spirituality and Purpose all contribute to your overall happiness rating.  The Men’s Empowerment Network offers coaching programs that address all of these areas of your life.

But unlike traditional personal development coaching programs, we don’t only focus on motivation or mindset.  The body and mind work synergistically to create overall happiness.  We focus on the whole man. 

The Old Way...


Due to insurance, administrative and time restrictions creates a generalized approach to improve the quality of life typically with the use of prescription drugs.  A system designed to only focus on independent parts of man, not the man as a whole.


Attempts to utilize treatment plans to change thinking and behavior patterns without taking into account physical attributes that may be contributing to the underlying issue.  A system designed to keep you coming back.


Creates short bursts of motivation and confidence by building self awareness to change belief system and achieve goals.  Focuses exclusively on mindset without regard to physical attributes that contribute to overall success.

...The M.E.N's Way

The Men’s Empowerment Network understands the mind and body work together.  True success and happiness is achieved when every part of you is working together at maximum efficiency.  Therefore our coaching programs utilize elements from the health, therapeutic and personal development industries to help men build supreme confidence and achieve a greater level of happiness quicker and easier than ever thought possible.  Mind. Body. Spirit.  We empower the whole man.

Joshua Abel

is a Men’s personal development coach focused on helping men bio-hacking their own confidence and happiness.  


I always knew I was meant for greater things, but it seemed like the cards were always stacked against me.  I simply felt “stuck” in life.


After years of suffering from anxiety and depression, self-pity and misery, I made the decision and took action to begin improving every part of his life.  And the results have been no less than extraordinary.

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